Volume 17 Issue 1

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This edition of the journal contains a range of articles that evaluate both policy and practice, which are essential when making the case for widening access to higher education across the globe. Here in the UK, the countdown to the general election in May has begun, and the funding of Higher Education and fee levels are once again being hotly debated. Directly related to this, is the catastrophic fall in part time student registrations in the UK, around 40% since 2012, which is clearly an unforeseen outcome of the fee and funding policy in England. The issue of retention among part time mature students is taken up by Kate Thomas in her article entitled ‘Rethinking belonging through Bourdieu, diaspora and the spatial’. Also featuring in this edition, is an innovative practice piece from Australia, written by Campbell Macgregor and colleagues. This article examines the use of a sports programme aimed at indigenous youth to raise aspiration for higher education study.

Call for Papers

The Editors are especially interested in receiving submissions from colleagues conducting practitioner research. The journal remains committed to publishing practitioner-led research and is one of the few publications to provide an output for this work.

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