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The voluntary sector can learn from the theory of collaborative advantage - 1st June 2017

If you want to collaborate with another organisation, it pays to understand why some partnerships don't work, writes Siv Vangen, director of the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership.

Is leadership different in voluntary organisations, and if so why? - 10th May 2017

This question is often at the heart of many lively discussions here at the Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership.  However, Carol Jacklin-Jarvis's reading about the relationship between leadership and context, and reflections on recent research interviews, is leading her to ask a slightly different question...

In what ways do voluntary organisations impact on the way people within those organisations practice leadership?

Austerity and public sector cuts undermines trust in the voluntary sector - 14th November 2016

The voluntary sector is increasingly required to "do more with less", to collaborate to make limited resources stretch further and to find innovative solution to challenging societal issues at no extra cost. At the same time, the sector is lacking the public’s trust. Clearly, these are tough challenges for the sector and its leaders.

Researching leadership in cross sector collaborations - 4th October 2016

New CVSL PhD student Daniel Haslam introduces his research into voluntary sector leadership in the context of cross-sector collaborations, which focuses on the emerging NHS multispecialty community providers.

Part 3: To collaborate or not to collaborate? - 1st September 2016

Carol Jacklin-Jarvis blogs on the dilemmas of leading across boundaries.

Part 2: Is collaboration inherently a good thing? - 5th August 2016

Carol Jacklin-Jarvis offers three (and a ½!) thoughts on a collaborative approach to leadership for social justice...

Part 1: Is collaboration always the answer? - 23rd June 2016

CVSL's Carol Jacklin-Jarvis questions the 'warm glow' surrounding the common exhortation to collaborate.

CVSL is ‘Open for business’: research and learning for Leadership Development - 25th May 2016

CVSL has been created thanks to a generous investment by OU alumnus Anthony Nutt. Its aim is to strengthen leadership in the voluntary sector through the provision of free leadership courses and the completion of research on leadership over the next few years. The Centre will be officially launched in October at a free event in London.

The Centre for Voluntary Sector Leadership - 24th February 2016

These are uncertain times for voluntary organisations – with resource constraints, media scrutiny, shifting public perceptions, and the continuing challenge to respond to public policy and social need.  In such times of uncertainty, two calls are frequently heard – first a call for leadership, and second a call to collaborate.  Sadly, experience tells us that neither leadership nor collaboration provides a simple solution to the challenges of an uncertain environment, but research does give us some insight into the compromises, trade-offs, and tensions through which individuals exercise inf