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In order to improve public understanding of finance The Open University Business School, in co-operation with True Potential LLP, has produced three interactive, freely accessible courses. These courses will help you develop financial management skills and gain an understanding of the financial services industry.

How can I access the courses?

The three courses are available through FutureLearn, which provides a facilitated platform for learners to join the free courses at set times throughout the year.

The three courses are also available as a permanent resource through OpenLearn, meaning you can access the course content whenever you like.

Click the image to find out more:

Managing My Money

Managing My Money

Managing My Investments

Managing My Investments

Managing My Financial Journey

Managing My Financial Journey










Managing My Money has also been re-versioned for radio. The course, covered in sixteen 30-minute episodes over eight weeks, is presented by Share Radio.

On completion of all three courses you will be able to manage your financial affairs more effectively, plan for the future and understand how to undertake your business confidently with the providers of financial products.

Estimating the Cost of Equity

Another short online course by True Potential PUFin is ‘Estimating the Cost of Equity’ which is available through OpenLearn. The course, which requires only a few hours of study, provides a guided analysis into the factors that determine the return sought by investors from equities (or shares).

Managing My Money for Young Adults

The Centre has also produced a personal financial management course designed for young people aged from 13 years upwards.This course covers everything young adults need to know to get started on the exciting financial journey that lies ahead for them. It offers practical tips on what young people need to start doing now to manage their finances and how they need to plan their finances as they progress on their chosen path beyond school or college. This course has been kindly funded by the Chartered Accountants’ Livery Company Charity.

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