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Managing My Financial Journey

This module starts by reviewing the evolution of the financial services industry in the UK. It then moves on to study the financial services providers – the banks, building societies and insurance companies as well as the role played by the regulatory bodies like the Financial Conduct authority (FCA). The modules also explores the rights that consumers of financial services have - including the regulations relating to product sales, how to make complaints and how to seek compensation.

The Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) of this module are:-

  • To understand the evolution and development of the financial services industry in the UK
  • To understand the key players in the industry, including the regulators
  • To understand the key principles relating to the regulation of firms
  • To understand the key principles relating to the sale of financial products
  • To understand consumer rights and protection in respect of financial services
  • To appreciate certain of the current key issues and developments that are shaping the future of financial services in the UK

In addition to the module text and audio visual content, tutorial 'social sessions' are provided to help develop your understanding. A full glossary is provided to help you navigate your way through the jargon that is used in financial business. Self assessment questions - with feedback provided - are included to enable you to ascertain how well you are getting to grips with the issues and subjects explored in the module.

Managing My Financial Journey is now only available on OpenLearn

This module was launched on FutureLearn on 25th April 2016 with the first presentation proving to be very successful. It had further presentations between 2016 and 2018.


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