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Managing My Money

This module aims to provide a solid grounding in personal financial matters. It explores the process of undertaking financial planning and examines how to piece together the component parts of a financial plan. We learn about household budgeting, borrowing and debt management, managing savings and investments and how to arrange insurance cover and organise our pensions.

The Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs) of this module are:

  • To understand how to undertake financial planning, including drawing up a budget and a household balance sheet
  • To understand loans and mortgages and other debt products and their cost
  • To understand the core categories of personal investments, their characteristics and the returns they provide to investors
  • To understand pensions products and how to undertake pension planning
  • To understand core insurance products and how they are priced
  • To provide the basis for the more complex analysis of personal finance issues in 'Managing My Investments' course

In addition to the module text audio visual aids and tutorials are provided to help develop your understanding. The module also provides various calculator tools to help you manage your financial affairs and make informed decisions. A full glossary is provided to help you navigate your way through the jargon that is used in financial business. Self assessment questions - with feedback provided - are included to enable you to ascertain how well you are getting to grips with the issues and subjects explored in the module.

Our research shows 70% of adults fail GCSE level finance questions. So if you want to improve your knowledge of personal finance, our Managing My Money module can help.

Managing My Money is now available only on OpenLearn where it provides a permanent resource for those wanting personal finance education.

Managing My Money also had seven very successful presentations on FutureLearn between May 2014 and March 2018. 


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