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Webinar: Leadership with Political Astuteness

Note: This event has already taken place and cannot be booked.

Learning at Work Week 2014
Learning Leadership Webinar Series

Leadership with Political Astuteness
Friday 23 May 2014
12:30 - 13:00 BST


In ever-challenging organisational environments – whether public, private or third sector – leaders require diverse and refined skillsets.  Sometimes called ‘political savvy’, ‘political nous’ or having ‘political antennae’, political astuteness is recognised as a set of skills, knowledge and judgements about the interests, goals and values of stakeholders and how to exercise leadership in ways which take account of diverse and competing interests among stakeholders.  There is mounting recognition that the ability to be ‘politically astute’ is a key asset for leaders and managers who lead in situations with diverse interests and in dynamic contexts.

During this webinar Professor Jean Hartley will be discussing:

  • What does it mean and why do leaders need to be politically astute?
  • What are the key skills of political astuteness?
  • How can this discipline enhance my ability as a leader?
  • How can I be more politically astute?

Join us and be inspired as we consider how leadership and politics can converge to achieve social and organisational outcomes for everyone.

This webinar is part of a 5-part series on 'Learning Leadership' and the following webinars are available throughout the week:

Monday 19 May - What Leadership isn’t and why this is good news for Leaders with Dr Ben Hardy 

Tuesday 20 May - Leadership as Relationship with Dr Caroline Ramsey

Wednesday 21 May - Leadership - influencing the things that matter with Professor Rob Paton and Dr Owain Smolović-Jones

Thursday 22 May - Resilient Leadership: mess, set-backs and failure with Murray Eldridge MBA

This webinar is brought to you in partnership with Campaign for Learning and is part of the Learning at Work Week.


Photo of Sue ParrSue Parr (Host), Head of Executive Education, The Open University Business School





Professor Jean Hartley, Professor in Public Leadership, The Open University Business School




Event details

Note: This event has already taken place and cannot be booked.

Start date: 23 May, 2014 at 12:30
End date: 23 May, 2014 at 13:00

Location: Online

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