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Postgraduate research topics

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Current research degrees

'A Cross-cultural Study on Managerial Decision Making Process'
— PhD research by Guangyu Freear
'A Political Economy of Modern Finance and its Economic Consequences'
— PhD research by Graeme Smith
'An ethnographic approach to understanding the co-production of social space in organizations '
— PhD research by Joanne Vincett
'An Interpretation of Entreprenurial Symbolic Signals Received by Venture Capital Resource Providers'
— PhD research by Neil Wolff
'An investigation into the use of Partnership Marketing in public health campaigns in England'
— PhD research by David Shaw
'An investigation of women’s perspectives and experiences of disability'
— MRes research by Gemma Wright
'Civil society organisations and the development of democratic practice '
— MRes research by Nela Smolovic-Jones
'Contribution to the Re-conceptualization and Operationalization of Brand Identity: A Dynamic Perspective'
— PhD research by Catherine da Silveira
'Corporate Governance and Its Impact on the Firm’s Performance and Valuation'
— PhD research by Subhan Ullah
'Corporate Governance in Africa and Firm Financial Performance'
— PhD research by Geofry Areneke
'Digital Reporting and the Constitutive Entanglement of Material Technology, Business, Regulators and Society'
— PhD research by Lidia Mishchenko
'Does Psychology Offer a Better Guide Than Economics to Understanding Individual Financial Behaviour'
— PhD research by Christine Ruschak
'E-marketing capability: The recipe for success'
— MRes research by Claire Brewis
'Emotion and financial decision making'
— PhD research by Paul Grayson
'Emotion and financial decision making'
— PhD research by Matthew Shawcross
'Entrepreneurial Capacity Building for National Development: a Developing Market Perspective'
— MRes research by Tom Ajobo
'Exploring the 'seduced' surveilled subject and the possibilities of everyday resistance; the case of smart phones as means of facilitating 'seductive' surveillance'
— PhD research by Pinelopi Troullinou
'From Crisis to Crisis? - A Critical Assessment of Economic Crises resulting in the Design of a Macroeconomic Framework'
— MRes research by Ariane Hillig
'From Dataveillance to Data Economy: Firm View on Data Protection'
— PhD research by Sara Degli Esposti
'Funding Models for Electric Vehicles '
— PhD research by Abukari Atchulo
'Governance of banking/financial institutions in Africa'
— PhD research by Danson Kimani
'Holding Government to Account: Challenge and Contested Leadership in UK Parliamentary Select Committees'
— PhD research by Annette Stansfield
'How Digital is Impacting Marketing Strategy'
— PhD research by Ketty Grishikashvili
'How Ethnic Minority Culturally Derived Identities and Related Consumer Behaviours Change on Becoming a Parent'
— PhD research by Katy Kerrane
'Measuring Performance in Service: Applying Return on Investment(ROI) to Human Capital Investments'
— PhD research by Deneise Dadd
'Non-technical function innovation: A marketing and design perspective.'
— PhD research by Rishikesh Sinha
'Public engagement and socio-technical transitions: The case of ELVIS in Milton Keynes'
— research by Miguel Valdez
'Store managers’ strategising in retail'
— PhD research by Tamim Elbasha
'Strategy processes, activities and learning in Sub-Saharan Africa '
— PhD research by Charles Mbalyohere
'The Communicative Constitution and Transportation of Authority in Organizing'
— PhD research by David Hollis
'The Impact of Entrepreneurial Capital on Environmental Improvement in SMEs: Contemporary Practices and Interventions in the Leather Sector of Pakistan'
— PhD research by Aqueel Wahga
'The Impact of Political Connectedness on the Quality of Corporate Governance Disclosures in Pakistan '
— PhD research by Fatima Yusuf
'The management accounting needs of small enterprises and the role of small accounting practices '
— PhD research by Vandana Tripathi
'The role of enterprise policies in promoting environmental sustainability: a comparative study’ and will examine the effectiveness of enterprise policies in promoting environmental services provided by social enterprises within an international context. '
— PhD research by Olga Andrianova
'To what extent does Business Ethics education influence the development of responsible business managers?'
— PhD research by Maria Wishart
'Well-being of sustainable communities '
— MRes research by Balint Antal
'Withholding communication -a relational approach to silence in an inter-organisational project group in the UK'
— PhD research by Clare Mumford