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Current research degrees

'An Interpretation of Entreprenurial Symbolic Signals Received by Venture Capital Resource Providers'
— PhD research by Neil Wolff
'Collaboration for children and the third sector: enacting leadership and governance in a complex space'
— PhD research by Carol Jacklin Jarvis
'Digital Reporting and the Constitutive Entanglement of Material Technology, Business, Regulators and Society'
— MRes research by Lidia Mishchenko
'Exploring the 'seduced' surveilled subject and the possibilities of everyday resistance; the case of smart phones as means of facilitating 'seductive' surveillance'
— research by Pinelopi Troullinou
'Governance of banking/financial institutions in Africa'
— PhD research by Danson Kimani
'Holding Government to Account: Challenge and Contested Leadership in UK Parliamentary Select Committees'
— PhD research by Annette Stansfield
'How Digital is Impacting Marketing Strategy'
— MRes research by Ketty Grishikashvili
'Process of Knowing and Learning: How sportswear firms ‘do’ innovative things effectively.'
— PhD research by Fatima Yusuf
'The role of enterprise policies in promoting environmental sustainability: a comparative study’ and will examine the effectiveness of enterprise policies in promoting environmental services provided by social enterprises within an international context. '
— MRes research by Olga Andrianova