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Transform your business with degree apprenticeships

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The noise around degree apprenticeships has been steadily building over the past year or so and, unless you’ve managed to avoid the business media, you’ll have heard that the UK Government’s Apprenticeship Levy is launching in April. These changes mean employers can now bring higher skills into their business using low cost, high quality training to enhance performance, increase efficiency and improve productivity.

It’s not all about new staff either. By providing some of your more talented individuals with the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification while undertaking work-based improvement projects, apprenticeships provide a win-win opportunity for both employer and employee.

It’s likely you’re in one of three camps:

  • You have never implemented apprenticeship programmes before, are not clear on how the levy will affect your organisation and don’t know where to start
  • You have some knowledge or experience of running apprenticeship programmes and need to understand what the benefits of higher level apprenticeships are, how to implement them and draw down the levy
  • You’re a seasoned apprenticeship employer that already has well-established processes and you just need to adapt to the levy to ensure you are recouping the funds where applicable

Whether you’re a FTSE 500 or an SME, embracing change and transforming business practices is rarely easy, which is why we are here to help and guide you through the steps.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be showing you how you can tackle many of the fears and challenges you may be facing, as well as show you how you can establish a pilot in your organisation using existing employees, so you can trial an apprenticeship programme before the levy creates additional impact.

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We’re here to get you up and running

Over the coming weeks, you can expect information and advice on:

✔ What the degree apprenticeship route offers

✔ How to take the first step with apprenticeships

✔ Where to start when implementing a new apprenticeship programme

✔ How to access funding and determine the costs

✔ Bringing it all together (in time for the introduction of the levy in April)

✔ How you can utilise apprenticeships to meet specific business requirements

Why the OU?

High quality work-based learning

We have nearly 50 years’ experience in making sure knowledge sticks in the minds of busy working adults. In fact, 4 in 10 of all UK part-time undergraduate students are studying with the OU and 76% of our students are in employment.