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Recruit Open University talent

Having an Open University qualification says a lot about a potential employee. It’s not just that they have studied with a respected higher education provider, or that our tutor-supported blended learning approach develops digital competency and skills that can be applied in real-world contexts – or even that OU courses are developed in close partnership with industry to address current needs and concerns.

In addition to highly relevant, up-to-date knowledge that they can apply in a wide range of situations, OU students have some incredibly valuable personal qualities and transferable skills that help them to stand out from the crowd.

Unlike students at conventional campus-based universities, the vast majority of people studying with the OU continue to work while they learn – in fact, 75% of our students are in employment and have a wealth of work experience.

It takes dedication, tenacity and drive to balance a demanding academic schedule alongside work and other commitments, demonstrating resilience, motivation and time management skills. Studying part time like this means that a degree, for example, typically takes six years to complete – so OU students understand better than most the value of sustained, long-term effort in order to progress towards a goal.

The OU talent pool

  • The OU has nearly 180,000 students across the UK and all over the world; the largest talent pool of any UK university.
  • The OU student body is incredibly diverse, coming from a wide range of educational, professional and social backgrounds.
  • The average age of new OU students is 28, with more than 80,000 aged below 30.

 Advertising your vacancies

You can reach this exceptional talent pool through JobZone, the OU’s free, easy-to-use jobs portal. JobZone is the ideal place to advertise:

  • graduate roles
  • graduate schemes
  • experienced hires
  • apprenticeships
  • placements
  • internships
  • volunteering
  • part-time and temporary roles.

 Attracting top talent

  • Raise your profile with OU students by having a free entry on our online Employer Showcase, giving a brief profile of your company and a link to your graduate recruitment website.
  • Interact with OU students via online forums and webinars where employers can answer students’ queries. The technology is simple to use, it’s free to take part, and you don’t need to travel to meet potential employees.
  • Showcase your organisation on OU media to encourage and inspire new recruits. We can include audio, video and print-based clips and quotes on our website and in our publications, including careers-related interviews and case studies of OU graduates working for you.
  • Advertise your recruitment or specialised industry-related events on our website’s News feature.
  • Engage with OU academic departments to support your recruitment or provide input towards course development.

Work experience, internships and placements

Many OU students are interested in work-related opportunities while they’re still studying. We can help you put together a work experience or placement programme to meet your organisation’s needs, whether you need support for one week or twelve months.

Getting in touch

Please email us to discuss any of the services above, if you have any questions or would like to explore opportunities to work together – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

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