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CCIG develops a a cross-disciplinary research focus on Methods in Motion.

Methods in Motion 28: Georgina Blakeley – Research in a turbulent political environment

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15 September 2017

Metro-mayors: here today, gone tomorrow? Georgina Blakeley explains how a research strategy may be changed to take account of unforeseen events.



To Gain Legitimacy, Metro-Mayors Must Improve Turnout and Diversity

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15 May 2017

New metro-mayors must now deliver on their policy commitments and secure the ‘democratic moment’ that advocates of devolution promised.


Metro-Mayor Elections: A New Type of Second-Order Election?

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8 May 2017

Did voters see the elections as 'second-order'? CCIG's Georgina Blakeley and Huddersfield's Brendan Evans find out.

Metro-Mayors: Campaigning in Poetry, Governing in Prose?

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4 May 2017

With the elections under way, Georgina Blakeley and Brendan Evans take a look at the hard task of defining the roles of the new metro-mayors.


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