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Metro-Mayor Elections: A New Type of Second-Order Election?

Polling station image
8 May 2017

Did voters see the elections as 'second-order'? CCIG's Georgina Blakeley and Huddersfield's Brendan Evans find out.

Metro-Mayors: Campaigning in Poetry, Governing in Prose?

Metro-Mayor advert image
4 May 2017

With the elections under way, Georgina Blakeley and Brendan Evans take a look at the hard task of defining the roles of the new metro-mayors.


Selfie Culture Isn't the Root of All Evil

18 April 2017

In a post originally published on The Conversation, Rose Capdevila and Lisa Lazard ask whether we're really filtering out our ability to cope with our own imperfection.


International Women’s Day: Yes, We Still Need to Protest This Shit

22 March 2017

Rose Capdevila and Lisa Lazard argue the fact it's been a rough year for women makes a day of recognition even more important.


Austerity Isn't Working for Everyone – Especially Women

Change in individual taxes and cash benefits graph image
13 March 2017

In a post originally published on The Conversation, Jerome De Henau argues that women have borne the brunt of government austerity policies since 2010.


Obama's Iran Legacy Is Noble, Complicated – and Endangered

Iran Nuclear Discussions in Lausanne - Meeting March 18 image
16 January 2017

What the Obama administration achieved with Iran deserves great credit. But can it endure? New Conversation blogpost from Edward Wastnidge.


The Long Wait in Lesvos

17 October 2016

Can a pop music video help raise awareness of the plight of refugees in Greece? asks CCIG researcher Marie Gillespie.

Heartbreaking and Humbling

Homeless person under blanket
20 June 2016

CCIG PhD Student Steve Kelsey explains his research on homelessness

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