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Post-Brexit Politics Seminar 2: New Identities in the Post-Brexit Era

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Thursday, 6 April 2017, 10:00 - 17:00

Christodoulou Meeting Rm 11, OU, Milton Keynes, MK7 6AA

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Part of the series on Post-Brexit Politics: A Social Psychological Interrogation of Community and Citizenship.




The second seminar will explore the development of new identities in the post-Brexit era. A significant implication of Brexit is that what it means to be a British citizen will need to be reconfigured. For some, this may be a welcome change, while others may seek to build new cross-European alliances.

A related issue is the implications of Brexit for European identities and their relation to Britishness. Although some have argued that leaving the European Union will allow the UK to develop a more global outlook, others believe that leaving the EU will lead to a narrower, more nationalistic representation of Britain.

These diverse narratives of post-Brexit Britain will be explored – more details on the series can be found on the main Post-Brexit Politics page.

The seminar is free and open to all, but registration (see link below) is required for attendance.

Read the full programme.



John Cromby (University of Leicester): (Some) Psychologies of Brexit (abstract). View full presentation.

John Drury (University of Sussex): (Dis)empowering Prejudice through Collective Action: An Elaborated Social Identity Model (abstract). View full presentation.

Jon Fox & Magda Mogilnicka (University of Bristol): Pathological Integration: East Europeans, Racism and Becoming British (abstract)

Sofia Vasilopoulou (University of York) & Markus Wagner (University of Vienna): Fear, Anger and Enthusiasm about the EU: Effects of Emotional Reactions on Public Preferences towards European Integration (abstract). View full presentation.

Paul Whiteley (University of Essex): Why did Britain Vote for Brexit? (abstract). View full presentation.

Dominic Wring (Loughborough University): Leave it Out: British News Media Reporting of the Brexit Referendum (abstract). View full presentation.



Eleni Andreouli, Paul Stenner, Stephanie Taylor and David Kaposi (OU Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences & School of Psychology)