This CCIG forum (co-developed and hosted by the Families, Relationships and Communities and Enactments Research Programmes), held the 30 of March, 2014 asked the following question: what is the relationship between acts, performance and social science methods?

The forum provided a valuable practical opportunity for researchers, interested in both using creative research to engage participants and also in developing methods which can dynamically work with people’s own, often political, actions.

The forum brought together researchers at the forefront of political and creative research strategies that engage and work with participants. The forum built on CCIG Enacting Methods forum last December where we explored ‘the social and political life of data’.

The first video features Introductions by Jef Huysmans (CCIG Director), Janet Fink and Jacqui Gabb (CCIG FaRComm Research Programme), Kesi Mahendran (CCIGEnactments Programme), as well as the presentation of Brett Lashua (Leeds Metropolitan University) : Sound practice? Making music in creative research/as creative research with young people (@ 09:10)

The second video features the presentation of E-J Milne (University of Edinburgh): Using creative methods to research identities, transitions and (non)belonging with young people

The third video features the presentation of Danni Pearson (The Open University):  The use of technology and visual methods in relationship research with young same-sex couples

The fourth video features the presentation of Engin Isin (Open University): Acts Archive and method as politics

The fifth video features the presentation of Andrea Calsamiglia (Autonomous University, Barcelona): Forum Theatre as a research methodology. Opportunities and challenges

The last video features the presentation of Elizabeth Sharp (DurhamUniversity/Texas Tech) : Methodologies of discomfort: Troubling data in a Dance/Social Science collaboration



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