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Paul Stenner, Professor of Social Psychology, Open University
7 August 2017

CCIG member Paul Stenner becomes President of the International Society for Theoretical Psychology.

Understanding Statelessness book cover image
22 June 2017

New book, co-edited by Lecturer in Politics & International Studies Dr Tendayi Bloom, challenges mainstream approaches to statelessness.

Butterly cocoon image
13 June 2017

In an interview in The Psychologist, Paul Stenner argues that the concept of liminality has particular relevance in today’s unpredictable world.


Liminality swirl image
3 May 2017

Special Issue of Theory and Psychology explores the fecundity and increasing relevance of the concept of 'liminal hotspots'.

Migrant Mothers participatory theatre workshop image
24 April 2017

New research challenges pathologising representations of migrant mothers and contributes to debate on democratising the research process.

Who Are We New Union Flag image
3 April 2017

At Who Are We?, OU members team up with artists to communicate their research and engage with publics in immersive and innovative ways.