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Discussing the August 2011 Riots

Hoping that the eagerness to discuss has not ceased in the meanwhile, we invite you to debate the August 2011 riots with us on the CCIG Blog. In the weeks to come we will set-up three blogs on the CCIG – webpage. Each blog will revolve around one of the three workshop themes we have planned for the afternoon session of the forthcoming CCIG forum.

Knowing the other: What forms of knowledge about the riots and the rioters circulated? Who were they understood and imagined to be? What sorts of knowledge were authorised? What sorts of experts and expertise were summoned?

Riots, inequalities and differences: What sorts of social order and divisions did the riots evoke, enact, make visible, make imaginable?

The spatiality of riots: Why were there no riots in Scotland and Wales? Why does this matter? What made riots (im)possible? And how did the riots enact the streets?

We will draw on and continue these discussions during the forthcoming CCIG forum 25 on 23 February 2012. You can now start to debate the theme: Knowing the other