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The Centre for Citizenship, Identities and Governance (CCIG) conducts research in order to enhance our understanding of citizenship, identity formation and practices of governance in the contemporary world. All its three strands are represented in these research programmes and funded projects, which focus on vital and urgent political and ethical questions of our times.

Research Programmes

Digital citizens explores the nature and consequences of digital change and what it might mean to be a digital citizen


Enactments interrogates the manner in which subjects, objects and spaces are constituted and challenged through practices, acts or performances.

We consider notions of families, personal relationships, households and communities, whilst also recognising their continuing significance at political, policy and personal levels.

CCIG aims to develop a cross-disciplinary research focus on methods in motion.

This research programme focuses on the ways in which practices of migration and belonging shape and are shaped by wider social, political and cultural relations

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We see the social and the psychological as entangled processes that produce each other and are ultimately inseparable.

Funded Projects

Circle of people taking part in activities

CCIG is pioneering the development of new methodologies, and tackling the pressing issues of our time.

CCIG members are collaborating with researchers across the Open University and the UK, to improve our understanding of issues that directly affect peoples lives.

Placing Ourselves

Placing Ourselves is a project which aims to challenge existing binaries in migration, multiculturalism and integration.

Completed Projects

A comparative analysis of SADC and UNASUR health policies

This research project provides the first in-depth understanding of responses to death, care and family relations in urban Africa.

Oecumene: Citizenship After Orientalism

Oecumene explores how the concept of citizenship is being refigured and renewed around the globe.

CCIG's research is leading to grounbreaking improvements in health care.

This ground-breaking project is the first attempt to measure and understand use of these products in England

Mission Impossible? The 1976 Spanish Law for Political Reform

This project seeks to explain an unexpected political outcome: why Francoist deputies voted overwhelmingly for the 1976 Law for Political Reform which brought about their own political demise.

Creating Publics aims to innovate new ways of engaging publics in the on-going processes of social science research and public life.

This field study explores effects of intergroup contact on the political solidarity of historically disadvantaged groups in Pietermartizburg (South Africa)

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