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Computing requirements

You will need internet access and a computer to complete your qualification. If you have purchased a new computer since 2002 it should meet the qualification computing requirements.

Your computer will need to have the following specification:

  • Processor - 2GHz
  • Memory - 256MB (more required with Windows Vista or 7)
  • Operating system - Windows XP / Vista / 7 or Mac OS X 10.4 / 10.5 or a recent Linux Distribution
  • DVD drive - yes

All of our qualifications involve accessing online support materials and using an electronic portfolio which contains online computer activities.

You can access the support materials using a web browser that can play Flash and Shockwave.

Your electronic portfolio can be accessed anywhere that has an internet-enabled computer, even Internet cafes and local libraries.


All computers connected to the internet should already have a web-browser installed. You will need the following browser software to access your electronic portfolio, depending on whether your computer has a Microsoft Windows Operating System or is an Apple-Mac:

Microsoft Windows Operating system...

You will need Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6 or above.  If your browser is a lower version number than 6 – you should update your software. Go to  to download the latest version of IE.

Javascript and pop-ups must be enabled. Use this link for instructions:


You will need Mozilla Firefox Version 1 or above. You can access this additional browser at

Javascript and pop-ups must be enabled. Use this link for instructions:

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