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Learner charter

VQAC has drawn up a Learner Charter to summarise the standards that you can expect as a learner working towards a vocational qualification, and to set out your responsibilities.

Although this charter provides a set of benchmarks, it is not a contractual document between learners and the centre.

VQAC’s commitment to standards

VQAC’s commitment to quality is well established. We offer a wide range of vocational qualifications designed to meet the vocational needs of learners.

The centre believes in equal opportunities for all. It is open to every section of the community regardless of background or circumstance.

You can expect VQAC to respond promptly to queries and to reply to correspondence in a timely manner. Centre staff will treat you courteously, and with respect for confidentiality. Your record with the centre will not be discussed with any third party without your written permission.

What you can expect from VQAC

If you are enquiring about registering with VQAC, you can expect the centre:

  • To give you clear and accurate information about the VQs and other qualifications that we offer so that you can make informed choices
  • To offer you individual and impartial guidance about choosing your vocational qualification
  • To give you clear information about costs and how to pay fees
  • To provide you with access to information and guidance about your proposed qualification

Whilst doing your vocational qualification, you can expect the centre:

  • To register you with the awarding organisation
  • To provide you with access to an eportfolio setting out the national occupational standards that you are working towards 
  • To give you details of how to access our on-line services and materials specific to your qualification 
  • To offer you, using a ‘Getting Started’ module, guidance about what you need to do to achieve your qualification, an introduction to the assessment process and an explanation of the support available to you 
  • To provide you with named assessor/s who will
    • offer on-going qualification relevant and individual support
    • provide you with information, advice, guidance and resources to enable you to plan your work
    • provide feedback and where further evidence is required to demonstrate competence, issue a revised and up-dated assessment plan describing what steps you need to take to provide it
    • To make reasonable adjustment if you notify us of a disability or additional requirements 
    • To provide you with the final assessment, internal and external quality assurance and where appropriate certification upon completion of your agreed assessment plans and final presentation of your evidence
    • To seek your feedback about doing your qualification with the centre 

In normal circumstances, you can also expect:

  • To receive feedback on your submitted work within 15 working days from your assessor 
  • To be contacted by your assessor within three working days of any initial request you may make
  • To be provided with a range of support options, for example, a dedicated learner support email box and a telephone support helpline number. 
  • To receive a prompt from the centre during periods when you have not submitted any work
  • Observation visits to be arranged within three weeks of your initial notification to the centre

What the VQAC expects from you

The centre functions on the basis of mutual respect and responsibilities. The centre will do its best to maintain the standards and provide the services specified in this charter, but can only do so if you help by:

  • Consulting our policies
  • Informing the centre of your current address and contact details
  • Responding to communications sent to you by the centre or your assessor
  • Informing the centre if you have a disability or health difficulty that might affect your progress so that the centre can make every attempt to provide you with appropriate facilities 
  • Identifying the VQ and level which is appropriate to your work role, the centre can provide guidance to help you 
  • Agreeing an assessment plan and target date for completion
  • Using the materials provided which have been written to help all learners familiarize themselves with the standards relating to their chosen qualification 
  • Getting your employers permission for you to have the time and opportunity to collect evidence and for the assessor to access your workplace when required
  • Providing evidence to demonstrate your competence in meeting the standards
  • Undertaking further training/development if this is necessary for you to meet the standards. If you need to undertake significant training and development to achieve your qualification, you may wish to reconsider, before registering, if the qualification is appropriate at this time. The centre can provide guidance to help you. 
  • Attending any support events offered by the centre 
  • Keeping in regular contact with your assessor during the assessment period to obtain feedback and guidance on gathering and presenting evidence 
  • Giving at least three weeks notice to the centre if you require an on-site visit
  • Giving the centre at least 48 hours notice if an arranged appointment has to be cancelled. Less than 48 hours may mean that you are charged for any costs incurred. 
  • Contacting the centre immediately if there are circumstances which may prevent you completing your assessment plan. If you do not submit any work for a rolling period of 24 weeks, we may withdraw your registration. Reinstatement is at the centre’s discretion and you may be charged some additional costs.  
  • Making full use of the range of support and materials offered by the centre 
  • Seeking early help and guidance from your assessor or the centre if things seem to be going wrong 

What to do if these standards are not met

If you think that any of these standards have not been met, in the first instance you should contact the most obvious source of the service (for example, your assessor if your submitted work is returned late, or the centre, if you have not had a reply to your query). If you are not sure whom to contact, ask the centre. Usually things can be put right immediately, but if you are dissatisfied with the response you receive you may want to register a formal complaint. If this is the case, please contact the centre and staff there will be able to advise you about how to do this.


Should you wish to appeal against an assessment decision, you can access our appeals procedure


The centre is always pleased to receive feedback from learners and will take steps to solicit feedback from time to time. You can contact us as follows:

  • Email us
  • Telephone us on 01908 653774 
  • Write to us at The Open University Vocational Qualification Assessment Centre, 1st Floor South Joe Clinch Building, Hammerwood Gate, Kents Hill, Milton Keynes, MK7 6BY

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