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These work based qualifications are nationally recognised, accredited and regulated qualifications based on the 2014 National Occupational Standards for leadership and management.  The qualifications are aimed at practising first line and middle managers.

Level 3 Diploma in Management

The Level 3 Diploma is for practising first line managers with a range of responsibilities including: allocating work to team members/colleagues, achieving specific results, managing financial and physical resources and some degree of decision making. The qualification aims to give learners an opportunity to develop their management performance, become more effective and to progress their career, focusing on planning and allocating work for the team, managing personal development, setting objectives and supporting team members.

What distinguishes first line managers from middle managers is usually their limited budgetary responsibility.  They may make decisions about resource utilisation but the budgetary accountability for these resources often exists at a higher level.  They are also limited in the range of decisions they can make compared to middle managers, with all delegated decision making heavily circumscribed by rules or procedures.

At Level 3 learners will:

  • Engage in some of the tasks performed by their fellow team members, but this is not their primary function
  • Be practising managers who engage more extensively in managerial tasks in which other team members do not engage
  • Have a wide span of control, responsibility, authority or power and a degree of autonomy
  • Make decisions which have some resource implications
  • Initiate actions in relation to the employment of others (e.g. be involved in, but not decide about recruitment decisions or disciplinary matters)
  • Operate with less supervision and control than others
  • Plan work looking at several weeks or months ahead
  • Have significant knowledge about specific requirements of customers or suppliers, although not necessarily making decisions about varying terms of trading with customers or suppliers
  • Deal with problems requiring superior technical knowledge and subjective judgements that demand understanding of relationships between people working together


Level 5 NVQ Diploma in Management & Leadership

The Level 5 NVQ Diploma is for practising middle managers with responsibility for substantial programmes and resources.  It develops skills in strategic planning, strategic change and business process design alongside core leadership and management abilities such as inspiring colleagues and delivering results.

Middle managers are more likely than first line managers to have a specialist management role which may extend to a technical specialism but which is primarily managerial in its focus.  That means that they will be responsible for establishing, maintaining and improving systems (e.g. quality, marketing, sales, energy, health and safety, etc.) as well as/rather than operating them.

At Level 5 learners will:

  • Have a wider span of control
  • Be accountable for the performance of all those people over whom they have direct or indirect control
  • Be responsible for allocating resources with some autonomy within defined boundaries, reflected in financial accountability for their area of activity
  • Be budget holders but with limited ability to move funds between budget headings and can authorise recurrent expenditure and expenditure on small capital items within defined, budgeted limits
  • Have responsibility for recruiting, promoting and disciplining people within defined parameters and often with the agreement of HR specialists or senior managers
  • Engage in direct negotiation with internal and external customers and suppliers over terms and prices governing their relationship, albeit within prescribed boundaries.  They will also be accountable for the quality of the goods or services supplied by their area of responsibility and for improvements in quality and efficiency of operations
  • Engage in project leadership where such projects are designed to bring about changes in products, services, resources or systems.  This will involve operating within defined boundaries and reporting progress and budgetary performance to more senior managers on a regular basis
  • Have clearly defined limits on their freedom to act or take decisions and are expected to report regularly on their performance.  They may propose changes to systems and will be responsible for ensuring that those systems are operated effectively, but they may only change those minor systems operated wholly within their own area of responsibility without approval from others

Important information for care home managers:

If you are working as or looking to become a manager of a children’s home or adult residential and domiciliary services this qualification may not be suitable to meet regulatory requirements as set out in Ofsted standard 17. We would recommend you seek the opportunity to work towards the Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care and Children and Young People's Services, which is offered by City and Guilds. Further information about this qualification can be found on City & Guilds website which also offers a search facility to ‘find a centre’.


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