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Most commonly asked

Can I register for a vocational qualification if I live outside of the UK?

We are only able to offer vocational qualifications to learners based in the UK as the qualifications are based on UK national standards.

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How many hours per week should I allow to work on my Vocational Qualification?

We offer a flexible distance learning approach to completing a Vocational Qualification and each qualification is designed so that you can progress at your own working pace. The time it takes to complete a vocational qualification can vary depending on your own working pace and environment as well as the size and level of your qualification.


We suggest you should be working towards your Award for 2 to 5 hours a week.


We suggest you should be working towards your Certificate for 3 to 7 hours a week
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Which is the right level or qualification for me?

Advice & Guidance

Level 3 Certificate in Advice & Guidance
At Level 3 learners will be:
  • giving advice & guidance in person, writing or telephone
Level 4 Diploma in Advice & Guidance
At Level 4 learners will be:
  • giving in depth advice & guidance
  • managing their own caseload of clients
  • operating within a network of Advice & Guidance providers

Business & Administration

Level 2 Diploma in Business & Administration
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