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Referendum Blues: how restricting European mobility really stifles social mobility

A blog post by Dr Liz Marr, Director, CICP - Read here

The Centre for Inclusion and Collaborative Partnerships (CICP)

Welcome! We are very proud to present our work to widen access to and success in higher education. This includes managing the OU's Widening Access and Success strategy and its Access provision, working collaboratively with external organisations through validation and the Social Partnerships Network and developing research and scholarship via the Access Observatory. Enjoy the visit!

Dr Liz Marr, Director

Vision and Commitment

To ensure equality of access to and success in high-quality higher education for all those with the desire and potential to achieve. To keep developing direct and indirect access routes to Open University qualifications, including those provided by validated partners. To be an internationally recognised source of scholarship and research in access and inclusion in higher education.