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About OU Validation

Facts and Figures 

  • OU Validation was established in 1992
  • We have over 40 partner institutions worldwide
  • We validate almost 390 programmes
  • Validated awards are of the same standard as other UK awards at the same level
  • Approximately 40,000 students are currently studying on a programme validated by the OU
  • Over 166,500 people have achieved an OU validated award to date

The OU's approach to Institutional Approval and Validation

Our approach is based on the following key elements:

  • Establishing a partnership between The OU and the approved institution, in order to enable the institution to offer programmes leading to OU validated awards.
  • Providing a supportive framework within which partner institutions take responsibility for the day-to-day quality assurance and management of their own academic programmes.
  • Using groups of experts from academic institutions, the professions, the business community and other appropriate organisations to make peer judgements about the quality of institutions and the learning programmes that they offer.

For more information about institutional approval, programme validation and our formal enquiry process, please click on the links below

Validation report co-authored by the OU, QAA and IHE champions growth, diversity and innovation in HE

A new report offering a guide to good Validation in a changing HE environment has been published by The Open University with Independent Higher Education (IHE) and HE’s quality assurance agency QAA (18.12.2017). The report, part of a joint collaboration among the three bodies, highlights ten key principles of good practice for validation, to assist the newly-established Office for Students as it develops exemplar models amid a more competitive Higher Education landscape of potential new providers.

Validation report