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Awards and Aftercare

The Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) was the largest single degree-awarding body in the UK, operating from 1965-1992.  There were over 140 institutions offering first degrees and postgraduate level courses approved by the CNAA.  When the CNAA was abolished by the 1992 UK Further and Higher Education Act, The Open University (OU) was authorised to have care and custody of the CNAA's award records, in order to provide verification of entries in the records. 

1992 also marked the beginning of OU Validation.  Through its Royal Charter, the OU is able to validate the programmes of approved partner institutions that do not have their own degree-awarding powers, or alternatively wish to offer OU validated awards.  

The Awards and Aftercare team, within OU Validation Partnerships, are able to provide the below services. 

  • A pro-forma verification service to former CNAA students.
  • Duplicate certificates to those who have completed an OU-validated award.
  • An award verification service to third parties such as employers and agencies.

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