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Members of the OU community (that’s you) – staff, students and alumni – are scattered across the globe and our online content reaches just as wide. The OU has a huge presence online and we’re keen to build a relationship with you in the spaces you’re already comfortable with, as well as trying out new spaces together.

We want our content to be accessible to all and that’s why we have thousands of hours of content freely available via YouTube, iTunes U and OpenLearn, much of which can be reused in a way that benefits you. (A small point to bear in mind is that the terms and conditions of the licences for each of these sites does vary and you can contact Digital Engagement if you want more details on this).

If you use a social networking site to contact other students or to help your study we have some guidance about the OU policies that apply in that medium. Please read Using social networking tools:  guidance for OU students' on Student Policies (pdf).


You've got a Facebook profile, right? So have we! Join us and find out what students and non-students alike are saying about their OU experience. You can even join the OU Library on Facebook

If you're an OU student we've created a couple of Facebook applications that might be of interest to you. The first is called Course Profiles - it allows you to show others what courses you have studied (and hope to study in the future). Based on this info the app enables you to create relationships with other OU students, leave course reviews, access free course-related content, and suggests possible future courses based on others who have studied similar things to you.

The second app is My OU Story - this app allows you to publish your thoughts as you go through your course. You can assign an emotional status to each story and then see how your mood has changed throughout your journey! You can see other people's stories and leave them messages too; it's a great way to meet new people, offer support and share stories.


If you’re a Twitter user, then you’ll find the OU on there too. The OU has two accounts @openuniversity and @ou_community.  The former is used mainly for communicating news, events and upcoming broadcasts and the latter is used to discuss issues and engage in conversation with our followers.  

If you've got something to share with us direct a tweet at either account or just mention ‘Open University’ in your tweet and we'll find it. And be sure to follow some of our hashtags.

OU Students Association (OUSA)

The Open University Students’ Association is run by students for students. Its purpose is to serve your interests and to ensure that the student voice is heard throughout the university.

OUSA’s forums are open to all members of the OU community and are all moderated by students. Whatever your interests, hobbies or areas of academic study you’ll find a forum to suit you. 

OUSA is also on Facebook and Twitter and welcomes your participation there.


Did you know that the OU has its own channel on YouTube and was the first UK university to do so? The OU is also YouTube EDU’s largest UK university channel with 800 videos that have received 11.2 million views by 6.2 million viewers.

Under the themes of learning, student life and research, you’ll find a huge range of video content here, covering all the subjects you love as well as content created by members of our community. And, even better, you’re free to embed much of the content on your own site, profile or blog.

iTunes U

The OU was one of the first UK universities to make its podcasts available for free on iTunes U, so if you’re in need of something to listen to on the bus, check us out.

In fact, in April 2012 the OU became the first university in Europe to reach more than one million subscriptions through its 52 courses on the new iTunes U App since its launch in January 2012.

For the more technical members of the community, the RSS for each podcast is available via iTunes so you're free to mashup/widgetise as you want. There's also a transcript of each podcast available so if you're looking for a little background research for a blog post or article this could be a great place to start. Copy and paste away if you need, but don't forget to link back and reference us.


Interested in a new topic and want to dig deeper? Or maybe you're passionate about a subject and want to explore it further? Whether it’s a five minute exploration or a 50 hour expedition into learning that you’re after, you’ll find it on OpenLearn. And for free.

OpenLearn is the home of free learning from The Open University. With over 27 million visits since its launch in 2006, the site averages 300,000 unique visitors a month.

Everything you'll find on the site has been created by The OU with input from our experts. For over four decades, we’ve made great programmes in partnership with the BBC, and OpenLearn is the place where you'll find learning inspired by those programmes. You can also try a taste of student life with over 650 free courses, developed from modules that our registered students take.

Visit OpenLearn now and discover a world of interactive games, videos, podcasts, online debates and ways to get your hands on free posters and booklets.

What are you waiting for? Take your study further with us now.

OpenLearn is proud to be part of the OER movement. This means that all the content you find on the site is made freely available to you under Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 licence (UK: England & Wales), unless otherwise stated.


Flick through our photos on the OU Flickr account! If you’ve been to an OU event recently and have some photos to share, let us know. For example, if you load pictures of your graduation to Flickr, be sure to tag them with ‘OU_ceremonies’ so others can find them too. 


Network with The Open University Business School LinkedIn Group. This group is open to students, alumni, staff, and prospective students who wish to connect and network with like minded people within the community of our prestigious triple-accredited Business School, take part in a conversation or start your own!

The Open University Business School Alumni also have a LinkedIn Group (closed to only Business School Alumni) which can be found here.