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Welcome to The Social Media Toolkit, The Open University's advice and guidelines for staff using social media.

This site has resources and advice to help you get the most out of social media both personally and in your role at The Open University. If you have questions about any of the information listed here or require more information, please email the Social Media Engagement Team:

Social networks are a core communication tool across many of today's industries and higher education is no different. We at The Open University wish to encourage our staff to make better use of these tools while supporting you with training resources, best practice examples and advice. The most important question you can ask yourself when deciding to use social media is 'Why?'. What is it you want to get out of your time invested in social media communities? Your time isn't free and managing a social media channel whether for personal or professional use is time consuming! Make sure you're getting the most out of your resources by following the advice laid out here in our updated Social Media Toolkit

Staff Guidelines

Staff Guidelines

Guidelines for staff who are using social media channels personally and professionally.

Official Accounts Guidelines

Guidelines for Official accounts

Social media guidelines for staff who are running official accounts for parts of The Open University.

Password security

Password Security

Guidance and advice on creating safe passwords for any online profiles and accounts.



Answers to the questions most often asked of the Social Media Engagement Team at The Open University.

Creating a new social media account

If you want to request a social media account on behalf of The Open University, please complete this form