Why do we need staff guidelines?

The reason we’ve created these staff guidelines is to help you to get the most out of the time you spend on social networks. Whether you use social networks personally, with no reference to your work at The Open University, or you wish to promote the great work you’re currently doing; we want to help you get the most benefit. We also want to give you the confidence that you are managing any risks associated with using social media.

These guidelines and the Social Media Toolkit will help you:

If you have decided that social media is helpful to you and you want to get started with scheduling updates to your accounts, you can get started with Buffer or Hootsuite for free. Here are some videos taking you through the basics of social media management:

Set up Buffer for Scheduling

Set up Hootsuite for scheduling

Use Feedly to keep up to date and find content to share

Make sure you also check out the resources for creating your own images and videos.