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Video and Audio Production

There are lots of places to share video and audio content on social media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and YouTube to name just a few.

When creating video or audio content on your mobile device:

  • Know your audience. Are they looking for education, entertainment, escape? It’s most likely all of these and the most engaging videos and podcasts encapsulate all of this.
  • Think about the medium and platform. Be passionate. People are more likely to believe you.
  • Engaging video and audio tells a story and has a reveal. It needs to grab the person in the first 5 seconds. It does not have to be perfect.


It is fine to shoot, edit, and upload using just a phone. With any modern smart phone, you have a production house in your pocket. With a few extras like external microphones or tripods for stability, you'll be surprised at the high level of production value you can get.

On some phones the video mic can be hard to protect from wind as it’s so close to the lens. In particularly windy conditions, an external microphone can make all the difference.

You may also find the need for some kind of stabilisation. A pocket tripod can be placed on a desk when filming yourself or others for an extended period of time. The clamps used to hold the phone can vary from device to device, but shouldn’t cost very much at all.

We are seeing single person news outfits as more news gathering outlets cut costs and adopt the practices of the video blogger. To capture video while interviewing on the move, the selfie stick has replaced the second camera operator. These kinds of devices can take some getting used to. Check the angle of lens on your current device before investing in any of these tools. You may find that arm’s length is more than good enough.

This also means that when you're having a conversation about topics key to your audiences interests, you shouldn't be afraid to turn that conversation into a piece of content to share. If you're not confident on camera, an audio podcast is a great alternative!

The main thing is to have confidence and focus on the value of what you're saying. What will your followers or community get excited about? What will be interesting to them? Could you create a series?

There are many platforms available for you to share audio and video, here are a few of the ones we would recommend you check out:


  • YouTube & Vimeo: The most popular video sharing platforms
  • YouTube Live: You can now share live over YouTube instead of just uploading pre recorded content. This is great for conferences or debates
  • Facebook Live: Again, great for broadcasting from conferences or creating live interactive debates. Facebook also gives you good controls over your comments and interactions.
  • Periscope: Live video from Twitter. This is a good option if you have a bigger following on Twitter, however, they don't have such tight controls on comments so can be more of a risk.