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Influencing Change

CREET undertakes outward looking research that has a beneficial impact on learning practices, policies and public debates. We work nationally and internationally to explore new approaches to teaching, learning and supporting child development. Through collaborative research with learners, and those that support them, we develop practical outcomes based on empirical research. We stimulate public debate on educational issues through our broadcast and on-line media, engaging research users in dialogue and further development of the ideas.
Inclusive Spaces
The integration of all students, regardless of their origin or their needs” is one of the main focus points in the conception of the “Neue Mittelschule” (new secondary school) in Austria  (BMUKK 2012). However, recent research has shown, that social integration/inclusion remains one of the main challenges in Austrian schools, as students report from stigmatization and bullying. “Inclusive Spaces” tries to tackle this problem.

Developing Mathematical Resilience
Collaborative work with teachers in secondary schools in England led to the development of new approaches to fostering a positive view of mathematical learning.

Feedback processes in higher education and the development of the National Student Survey
Open University (OU) researchers were commissioned by HEFCE to explore approaches to collecting and using student feedback on the quality of learning and teaching in higher education, this work led to the development of the National Student Survey (NSS).

Maths & Science
This project explored the early effects of teachers’ voluntary use of APP materials in two curriculum areas in secondary settings in England.

Languages Learning
This project identified key aspects of sustainable language provision in primary schools to inform head teachers and policy makers. 

Multimodal Literacy
This work explored how children in the early years develop literacy in a new ‘media-rich’ world. It identifies the need for professional development for practitioners to foster their understanding, practices and confidence.

Personal Inquiry
The project resulted in open source software to support children and young people in their scientific inquiries both within and outside school. It is now used in much wider contexts.

Possibility Thinking
This work explores the ‘what if’ thinking that is driven by questioning and imagination. It identifies the features of an ‘inclusive learning environment’ that can support teaching for creativity.

Teachers as Readers
Working with case study schools the researchers supported teachers in developing new approaches to ‘reading for pleasure’. Dialogue about reading was promoted between school and families.

Thinking Together
This collaborative project builds on work with 8-11 year old children, and their teachers, to develop interventions that support ‘exploratory talk’ in group activities.