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Why work with CREET?

You will:

• gain access to one of the leading education research units in the UK and an internationally respected centre of excellence

• benefit from the innovative and rigorous research findings generated by CREET

• work with academic experts with fresh insight and advice

• have a dedicated contact point to support the development of your project with CREET

• receive support throughout the project from The Open University’s Research School to reduce the administrative requirements.

CREET provides an exciting research environment for our researchers, including use of the Jennie Lee Labs.

CREET seeks to form partnerships with diverse organisations in the UK and internationally to collaborate on research projects. We aim to develop partnerships that are of benefit to both the partner institutions and the Open University.

We are open to new forms of enterprise collaboration.  For example:

1 Studentships

Studentships provide an opportunity for bespoke research projects to be undertaken by a student based on a current problem you may be experiencing within your organisation, or the opportunity to develop a particular area of your organisation.  The student will be working towards a PhD qualification. 

2 Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme is a part-government funded scheme and one way in which organisations, particularly SMEs who may lack certain knowledge or expertise, can engage with the Open University to improve their competitiveness and productivity through the better use of knowledge, technology and skills available within our faculties and research centres. KTPs achieve this through forming a partnership between the organisation and the university enabling the organisation to access skills and expertise to help their organisations thrive.

A recent graduate, known as an ‘Associate’, is jointly supervised by company and university staff and employed on a fixed term contract by the university to work on the project for generally between 1-3 years to manage and implement strategic development. The Associate acts as the conduit to transfer and embed knowledge and expertise between the university and the company. 

KTPs have an outstanding record in achieving innovation, enterprise and skills and for over 35 years, the scheme has been one of Europe’s most successful graduate recruitment programmes.  

So if you want to run a project which will transform your business, have someone working in your business full-time who is employed by The Open University, have the equivalent of half a day per week of high level academic input to support this project and have the UK Government pay 50/67% of the costs depending on the size of your organisation, please contact CREET to discuss your needs.

Please visit the Knowledge Transfer Partnership website for further information.  

Engaging with the OU through a KTP. How KTPs boost organisations' skills and profits


**Shorter KTPs can run from 26-51 weeks**

3 Consultancy

External organisations can make requests for a research project or a research and development project to be undertaken.  The project is tailored to the organisation’s needs and negotiated/agreed with CREET.  Our research is not only academically rigorous but has practical relevance.

See the People tab for further information on the academics within CREET.

What else does the Open University offer?

• Courses for your employees/members

• Research and Enterprise expertise in other areas.

• Our research findings are broadcast on the free access website

• Free learning resources are available on and iTunesU.

• Any peer-reviewed publications arising from collaborative research are registered on

• Licensing/Collaborative teaching models.

• Partnership – we are keen to explore partnerships with other organisations.  Whether you are responding to a tender proposal or seeking to build consortia capacity, we would like to hear from you.

Contact for further information