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Why study with CREET?

CREET was established in 2004 to bring together researchers from across the Open University. It is one of the largest educational research centres in the UK and its research groups cover diverse topics including educational policy and practice; computers and learning; pedagogy; literacies and language use; developmental psychology; and teacher education and professional development.

CREET research is multidisciplinary and is united by:

  • a focus on learning through diverse media in a wide range of social, cultural and disciplinary settings;
  • a radical, challenging approach to established orthodoxies in policy, pedagogy, theory and research methods and a commitment to social justice and widening participation;
  • a major thread of socio-cultural theorising with researchers working in four clusters.

The excellence of CREET's research has been recognised in all of the national research assessment exercises undertaken by the Higher Education Funding Council for England in 1992, 1996, 2001 and 2008.  Equally, its teaching is nationally rated as 'excellent' (2001 Teaching Quality Assessment).

What research degrees does CREET offer?

PhD - three-year full-time doctoral programme

This innovative programme provides three years of dedicated support and training for full-time students.  Find out more about PhD study here ....

EdD - Doctorate in Education - three and a half years part-time

The Doctorate in Education (EdD) is an innovative programme designed for professionals in education and related areas who want to extend and deepen their knowledge and understanding of contemporary educational issues.  It is characterised by:

  • a professional orientation
  • a modular structure

It aims to develop skills in educational research and enquiry and the application of these skills to carry out research that will contribute to professional knowledge and practice.  A growing number of professionals regard this style of doctoral programme as being a more appropriate vehicle for their further development than the traditional PhD.  The programme has very specific entry criteria that include appropriate study at master's degree level that links to an EdD academic area of study and training in research skills and methods.  The EdD has had highly successful completion rates for those joining the programme and is the preferred route in CREET for part-time doctoral study.  Find out more about EdD study here ....


Follow the links to find out more about these degrees and postgraduate research within CREET.  More general information about research degrees at the Open University, including areas of study, is given in the Research Degrees Prospectus.