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Language and Literacies

Language and Literacies

Researchers in the Language and Literacies cluster view language as a social and cultural phenomenon and a powerful resource for learning across the lifespan.

We use a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches including the following: cognitive stylistics, complexity theory, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, multimodality, linguistic ethnography, metaphor theory, literary theory and criticism, semiotics, systemic functional linguistics, sociocultural theory, social network theory and sociolinguistics. These approaches are used to explore language in many contexts such as language education, teaching and learning across the curriculum, social work, medical humanities, conflict resolution, language policy, digitally mediated communication, social media, language and globalisation. 

Researchers in Language and Literacies view language as a powerful social and cultural phenomenon. We adopt a socially oriented approach towards the study of language across the lifespan using a wide range of theoretical and methodological approaches from applied linguistics, sociolinguistics and foreign and second language learning..

·       Academic and  professional literacies

·       Communication in social and health care contexts

·       Language and creativity

·       Language and globalisation

·       Language and policy

·       Language as a social semiotic in teaching and learning

·       The teaching and learning of foreign and second languages in online and distance contexts

·       Intercultural communication

·       Open Educational Practices

·       Language and social media

We are committed to our research being of practical use and we work with a wide range of groups nationally and internationally, including local authorities, schools, universities, NGOs, social work agencies, teacher training colleges, international journal boards, the European Centre for Modern Languages.

Our research has been funded by the AHRC, the British Academy, the British Council, the European Commission, the ESRC, JISC, HEA.