Current Virtual Microscopes


Apart from the iPhone version, our virtual microscopes are all essentially web-based. Some are prototypes, some are in development and some are finished. We have three virtual microscopes that are password protected - the S276 Geology VM, the S339 Understanding the Continents VM and the S288 Practical Science VM (sign up for our courses to see them, or purchase the S276 VM on DVD from OUW). Both these courses have accompanying digital kits. Click on the buttons below to see the remainder. The STFC Lunar VM is our first freely available completed product. Our Darwin VM was initially restricted to visitors of the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge, but it is now available on-line. The NASA/Apollo VM is fully functioning, but still subject to some changes. Darwin and NASA/Apollo VM’s can be viewed in both Flash and HTML5 format.

For the Darwin Exhibition in the Sedgwick Museum click here

NASA/Apollo VMNASA_Apollo_1.html
Darwin VMDarwin.html
Mars VMMars.html
Stonehenge VMBGS.html

In September 2011 we also launched a new Virtual Microscope website which contains a new breed of collections. They are exclusively in HTML5 format and will work with Safari, Google Chrome and Firefox web browsers, and with the Apple iPad. So far we have four public collections available - Darwin, NASA/Apollo, Europlanet and British Meteorites.

Europlanet VM
British Meteorites VM
NASA/Apollo VM
Darwin VM