Martian Meteorite - NWA 2975


This rotation view shows interlocking prismatic pyroxene crystals (brown in PPL, brightly coloured in XPL) associated with shock-melted plagioclase feldspar - termed maskelynite (colourless in PPL, black in XPL). The black mineral is mostly ilmenite. The field of view has been chosen to show the thin fusion crust that surrounded the specimen on its journey through the Earth’s atmosphere. The fusion crust is dark brown and contains gas bubbles. It is glassy, so appears black in XPL.

The edge of the sample is at the top of the field of view if rotated to 225°. Rounded crystals of quartz surround the sample - placed there to help with sample preparation.



2975 Rotation 2

Plane Polarised Light                                                  Between Crossed Polars