A Virtual Microscope Through Time


Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)

Inside the sample chamber - looking at the Egyptian bead (centre)

Watch a 5 minute video explaining the SEM

Click hereRMS-Equipment4.html

This video clip was originally produced as part of the teaching materials for the Open University course S240-Analytical Science: health, heritage and environments.


Our electron microscopy is performed with a FEI Quanta 200 3D dual beam microscope. The images used in this project are all recorded with an electron beam.

We also have an Oxford Instruments energy dispersive x-ray detector which records elemental compositions and produces element distribution maps.

The microscope has both secondary and backscattered electron detectors to enable us to record images with contrast dominantly based upon structures/surface features or on compositional variations respectively.

FEI site http://www.fei.com/