Early Mammals


The first true mammals appeared in the Jurassic Period where they lived alongside dinosaurs. They evolved from a group of animals called “mammal-like reptiles” (the synapsid lineage). More here.

Our example is Trioracodon ferox - a Cretaceous mammal from the Mammal Beds, Purbeck Formation, Durlston Bay, Dorset. We have also examined Microchoerus and Merycochoerus.

Credits: Sedgwick Museum, Cambridge

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SEM views

Trioracodon teethRMS-SEM-EarlyMammal1.html
Microchoerus teethRMS-SEM-EarlyMammal2.html
© Sedgwick MuseumRMS_Credits-Sedgwick.html
Fossils and reconstruction of Microchoerus erinaceus - a late Eocene mammal from the Headon Hill Formation in Hampshire.RMS_Credits-Sedgwick.html

Length 3 cm

Length 3 cm

Length 4.8 cm

Trioracodon ferox

as illustrated in the Monograph of the Fossil Mammalia of the Mesozoic Formations

by Sir Richard Owen (1871).


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