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1.7 cm across

Iron Age Stater  45-58 BC

This  coin was discovered at a depth of 22 cm by a metal detectorist in the Caradon District of Cornwall. The upper image depicts an abstract horse.

Detailed analysis suggests it may be a modern copy. Casting bubbles are visible on its surface and the coin appears to have been deliberately distressed to make it look more cracked and bent. It is made of silver-copper alloy with a relatively pure silver coating.

A similar design of coin was found in 1749 at Carn Brea hill fort, near Redruth (in a hoard of seventeen gold coins). Its intriguing history is described here.

The Portable Antiquities Scheme has a wonderful website where details can be found of over 40,000 Iron Age coins - here.

Credit: Royal Institution of Cornwall (Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro)

Iron age horse from a Celtic gold coin found at Henley, Oxfordshire

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