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Roman Coin  268-270 AD

This  coin was discovered at a depth of 25 cm by a metal detectorist in the Caradon District of Cornwall. It was minted in Rome and shows the radiate head of Claudius II Gothicus. The reverse shows Apollo standing left, holding a laurel branch in his right hand, leaning on a lyre set on rock.

The denomination of this silver/copper alloy coin is a radiate (antoninianus).

The Portable Antiquities Scheme has a wonderful website where details can be found of over 55,000 Roman coins - here.

Credit: Royal Institution of Cornwall (Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro)


1.7 cm across

Use the Portable Antiquities Scheme website to see if you can identify these four coins.

SEM view

Coin in detail

Venus holding an apple and drapery

 Emperor Constantine I

(Constantine the Great)

AD 323

Constantine II

(see SEM image for reverse of this coin)

Constantine II

Phoenix on globe

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