A Virtual Microscope Through Time



The Virtual Microscope Through Time website was produced by Diane Johnson and Andy Tindle, both CEPSAR scientists at the Open University.

The Open University virtual microscope was developed by Peter Whalley in the Knowledge Media Institute at the Open University with help from Jon Linney, Chris Valentine and Paul Hogan.

Thanks to Dan Pemberton, Sarah Finney and Matt Riley of the Sedgwick Museum for help with the loan of specimens. The majority of fossil specimens used here come from this fabulous collection.

Thanks to Richard Bevins of the National Museum Wales, Cardiff for advice and help with the loan of specimens.

Thanks to Sara Chambers, Jane Marley and Anna Tyacke of the Royal Institution of Cornwall (Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro) for access to both geological and archaeological specimens.

Thanks to The Manchester Museum for the loan of specimens.

Thanks to the Natural History Museum, London for allowing us to reproduce material used in an earlier virtual microscope project (Europlanet).

More information on The Open University Virtual Microscope Project can be found on the website


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John Staveley Watson - our artist in residence - here feeding Tyson outside the Walton Hall headquarters of the Open University.

Finally, a big thank you to the Wikipedia Foundation Inc. whose vision is to Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge.