Virtual Microscope Team


Name: Andy Tindle

Position: Senior Project Officer, CEPSAR

Role: Electron microprobe laboratory manager

VM role: Microscopist/mineralogist, creator of images, iBook author and website creator

Personal web pages: Personal Pages


Name: Simon Kelley

Position: Director of CEPSAR and Professor of Isotope Geochemistry, Dept. of Physical Sciences

Role: Academic staff member and research scientist (noble gases)

VM role: Lead academic and business manager

Personal web pages:


Name: Mahesh Anand

Position: Academic Fellow, Department of Physical Sciences

Role: Lunar scientist

VM role: Extraterrestrial academic

Personal web pages:


Name: Paul Hogan

Position: Mobile Applications Developer, Knowledge Media Institute

Role: Programmer

VM role: Developer of the virtual microscope phone app.


Name: Chris Valentine

Position: Project Officer, Knowledge Media Institute

Role: Database specialist and wi-fi networks expert

VM role: Developer of the virtual microprobe and Google maps virtual microscope


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Name: Michelle Higgins

Position: Senior Technician, CEPSAR

Role: Expert thin section maker, rock store manager, lab. safety officer

VM role: Producer of high quality thin and polished sections

Further details: see Sample Prep section


Name: Susanne P. Schwenzer

Position: Post Doctoral Research Associate

Role: Research Scientist (hydrous alteration and noble gases on Earth and Mars)

VM role: Martian scientist

Personal web pages:


Name: Diane Johnson

Position: Project Officer, CEPSAR

Role: Scanning electron microscope laboratory manager

VM role: Project manager, Royal Microscopical Society virtual microscope project


Name: Peter Sheldon

Position: Senior Lecturer in the Department of Environment, Earth and Ecosystems

Role: Palaeontologist and Course Team Chair

VM role: iBook author - Fossil Guide


Name: Kevin Quick

Position: Communications Project Manager, Knowledge Media Institute

Role: Leader of the Mobiles Innovation Group and Knowledge Base Supervisor

VM role: 3D crystal modeller and programmer