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Virtual Microscope team members Diane Johnson and Andy Tindle were winners of the Royal Microscopical Society Vice President’s Award last year. The funding that accompanies the award is to be used to create a website titled A Virtual Microscope Through Time. It will incorporate a series of objects that have been photographed in a number of different ways - conventional photography, object movie photography, polarised light microscopy and scanning electron microscopy. The objects range from the oldest objects in the solar system (meteorites), through fossils, hominids, and man-made objects.

Details of this project are now published in the Proceedings of the Royal Microscopical Society journal (In Focus) - a Special 25th Anniversary edition. Issue 25, March 2012.

Go here to discover more about In Focus, or here to read the full article.

Many thanks to the RMS for allowing us to publish the In Focus article on this website.