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The Open University started building virtual microscopes in 1993 when a team of earth scientists and educational technologists joined together to push the boundaries in the teaching of optical microscopy for earth scientists. This site is a repository for some of our work.

The team comprised Dave Williams, Dee Edwards, Andy Tindle, Tom Vincent, Ben Hawkridge and Peter Whalley. Of these only Andy remains. He is joined by Simon Kelley, Susanne Schwenzer, Mahesh Anand, Trevor Collins and Kevin Quick. For course production, Andy Sutton joins us from OU Learning and Teaching Solutions, and in the same department Tammy Alexander, Pete Mitton, Dave Pilgrim, Peter Devine and Jenny Nockolds have joined us for some projects (most recently the UK VM).

We produce virtual microscopes for teaching and research and have the Sedgwick Museum in Cambridge, National Museum of Wales, Hunterian Museum, Royal Cornwall Museum, British Geological Survey, Durham University, Leeds University, Science & Technology Facilities Council (STFC) and NASA as our partners. Leica Microsystems Ltd is our “real” microscope partner.

Although our primary aim is to support the teaching of optical mineralogy in the Open University, we are enthusiastic about working with external clients to whom we are able to offer tailor-made solutions.

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