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Fernando Rosell-Aguilar

Lecturer (Spanish)

The Open University Faculty of Education and Language Studies Department of Languages

+44(0)1908 652052
x 52052


Lecturer in languages, Department of Languages.

Member of Language Studies Programme Committee with ICT expertise.

Coordinator of iTunes U content for the Department of Languages.

Teaching Interests

Since joining the Open University, I have been involved in all Spanish courses as well as courses in the French, Italian and English sections. This has included producing new courses as well as in the running of existing courses, including assessment and monitoring of tutors; currently I chair the Level 1 course "En Rumbo", one the first OU language courses to incorporate DVD-ROM media and use online assessment. My responsibilities have also included coordinating the OU Spanish Residential Schools in the UK site and Santiago de Compostela in Spain, as well as tutoring and acting as course director. I have played a major role in introducing online tuition in several Spanish courses, including the first beginners online-taught course LZX194. I gained an OU Teaching Award (2004) for "the development of innovative online audiographic language teaching materials and their delivery strategy". My involvement has included task design, developmental testing, tutor training and the delivery and assessment strategy, as well as being a member of the departmental VLE Group.

I have co-ordinated the development of VLE tools such as the audio recording tool. I have also co-ordinated the production and delivery of language materials on iTunes U at the OU.

I am the current liaison between the department of languages and the Knowledge Media Institute for development of iTunes apps.


Research Interests

I have been involved in research on learning and teaching for a number of years. One of my main interests is online language learning. I have worked on a number of studies on online learning environments (such as synchronous audio-graphic conferencing) and I am particularly interested in task design, tutor and student impresions of online learning and the affordances of such environments. Lately, my research has focused on the use of VLEs and also podcasting for language learning. I am also interested in Online Information Literacy and carried out research on learner attitudes towards the Web as a language learning tool. I regularly give papers at national and international conferences and I have published journal articles and book chapters. I am a member of the Open Languages Research Group (ORLG).

For peer-reviewed publications please see the "publications" tab.

Invited guest speaker events

Maximising learning for minimum cost, but who’s the online learner? iTunes U as an example, presented at ocTEL (open course in Technology-enhanced Learning) MOOC, 4 June 2013.

Podcasting for language learning and teaching: the audio-visual dimension of Web 2.0, presented at the II Valencian Workshop On Computer Assisted Language Learning: “Opening New Doors For Communication and Learning through Web 2.0 and Mobile Devices”. Gandía, Spain, 9th September 2009.

Podcasting para el aprendizaje de idiomas. Presented at the HABE (Helduen Alfabetatze Berreuskalduntzerako Erakundea / Instituto de Alfabetización y Reeuskaldunización de Adultos) Podcasting for Language Learning Seminar and workshop. San Sebastián, Spain, 9 July 2007.

Podcasting for Language Learning. Presented at the CILTA (Centro Interfacoltá Di Linguistica Teorica e Applicata) Seminar- Language learning: methodological and technological innovation, University of Bologna. 3 April 2007.

Online CMC Environments: potential research themes and challenges. Presented at the Languages of the Wider World Centre of Excellence in Teaching and Learning Fair. 1 February 2006.

Papers presented at conferences

The iTunes U Language Learner. Presented at the CALICO conference: Navigating the Complexities of Language Learning in the Digital Age, Honolulu, Hawaii, 23 May 2013.

Personalising the stranger: developing a learner profile of the iTunes U user. Presented at the OER13 conference, Nottingham, 26-27 March, 2013.

iTunes U as a tool for language learning: the learners’ perspective. Presented at the e-learning symposium 2013. Southampton, 24-25 January, 2013.

El aprendizaje de lenguas a través de iTunes U. II Encuentro para profesores de centros universitarios y de centros formadores de Español como Lengua Extranjera (Instituto Cervantes). London, 26th June 2012.

The use of iTunes U by language learners. Presented at the Open University Open Languages Reseach Day, 21st June 2012.

The iTunes U at the OU learner. Presented at the Computers and Learning Research Group (CALRG) conference, 19th June 2012.

The iTunes U language learner. Presented at the Open University Languages e-Learning Community Event. 25th April 2012.

Podcasting for language learning: re-evaluating the potential. Presented at the EuroCALL 2009 conference: New Trends in Computer-Assisted Language Learning. Gandía, Valencia, Spain, 9-12th September 2009.

The implementation of a blended tuition strategy for an intermediate ODL language course: an evaluation. Presented at the EuroCALL 2009 conference: New Trends in Computer-Assisted Language Learning. Gandía, Valencia, Spain, 9-12th September 2009.

Students' and tutors' experiences of change and innovation: the first presentation of L140 En rumbo, intermediate Spanish(with Anna Comas-Quinn). Presented at the Making connections conference: Exploring Scholarship for the Digital Age, Milton Keynes, 2-3 June 2009

Navigate through materials: redesigning a language course with a modular flexible approach.Presented at the 29th Computers and Learning Research Group (CARLG) conference. Milton Keynes, 18-19 June 2008.

Podcasting for language learning: models and possibilities. Presented at the CALICO 2008 conference: Bridging CALL Communities. San Francisco, 18-22 March 2008.

Searching for a podagogy: podcasting for language learning.Presented at the EuroCALL 2007 conference: Mastering Multimedia: Teaching through Technology. University of Ulster at Coleraine, Northern Ireland, 5-8 September 2007.

Podcasting to facilitate language learning.Presented at the BAAL-CUP Seminar: Spoken Online learning Events. Open University, UK, 22 June 2007

Top of the Pods: Podcasting for Language Learning. Presented at the INTELLECT Research Forum, The Open University, UK. 10 October 2006.

The Audio-graphic conferencing tutor: Impressions and roles in online teaching. Presented at the EuroCALL 2006 conference: Integrating CALL into Study Programmes. University of Granada, Spain, 4-7 September 2006.

Meeting the challenges of designing oral interaction tasks for an audio-graphic CMC tool for beginner distance language learners. Presented at the UCALL 2005 conference: “Developing a pedagogy for CALL? Examples of theory and practice” University of Ulster at Coleraine, 13-15 June 2005.

The challenge and the development process of designing oral interaction tasks in audio graphic online conferencing for beginner distance language learners. Presented at the JaltCALL 2004 conference: Computer Assisted Language Learning and Human Computer Interaction, Tokiwa University, Mito, Japan, June 2004.

Information literacy and learner impressions of the Web as a resource for Foreign Language Learning. Presented at EuroCALL, University of Limerick, Ireland, September 2003.

Electronic literacy with and attitudes towards the Web as a resource for Foreign Language Learning. Presented at the 1st International Conference on Internet and Language, Castellón, Spain, September 2003.

How Do Language Learners Use Web-based Resources?Presented at the London School of Economics for the Communication and Information Technologies for Language Learning Workshop. 24th March 2000.

Observations of the use of Web-based resources in Undergraduate Teaching. Presented at the University of Southampton for the Teaching and Learning Seminars. 16th March 2000.

Using the Web as a resource in the Spanish as a Foreign Language Classroom - Design Issues. Presented at the University of Southampton for the CIEL Regional Support Network Meeting. 12th November 1999.


Rosell-Aguilar, F. (2012) iTunes U as a distribution platform for open language resources. Voices for Openness in Language Learning. Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning. Austin, Texas.


Current Research

I am currently researching the use of iTunes U for teaching learning. I am gathering data on the profile of iTunes U users, and specifically focusing on issues regarding autonomous learning through podcasting resources, mobile learning, and podcasting for language learning.

Futhermore I am developing a framework for the evaluation of language learning apps.

My research interests also include the use of Open Educational Resourcers, Learning objects, and synchronous audio and video conferencing for language learning.