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Inma Alvarez

Senior Lecturer (Spanish)

The Open University Faculty of Education and Language Studies Department of Languages

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Senior Lecturer, Department of Languages, Faculty of Education and Language Studies

Teaching Interests

Inma Álvarez has more than 25 years experience teaching Modern Languages and Dance courses at Higher education institutions in the U.S.A., U.K. and Spain.

She has taught general language courses at all levels as well as courses for specific purposes (e.g. business Spanish, Latin American literature, Contemporary Spain, translation and interpreting) at the University of Michigan (USA), University of St. Andrews (Scotland), University of Wolverhampton and University of Northampton. At the Open University, Inma has contributed to the development of all courses in the Spanish programme from beginners to advanced, including contributions to print and online resources and residential schools materials. She has also been involved in the development and piloting of an electronic European Language Portfolio (ELP) for adults and in the development of a Beginners' Chinese course. Currently she is an external examiner for the School of Modern Languages and Cultures at the University of Leeds.

Inma has also teaching experience in the area of dance studies. She has taught dance anthropology at the London Contemporary Dance School and dance analysis and notation at the Conservatorio Superior de Danza “María de Ávila” in Madrid. She has also been an external examiner for the BA (Hons) Theatre Dance, Goldsmith/The Laban Centre. At present she is a member of the Language of Dance Board of Trustees.

Her main teaching interest is in the area of intercultural studies.

Research Interests

Inma's general research interest is in the area of human communication. She has been researching on intercultural competence in language teaching and learning, translation skills, strategies for intercultural communication, multimodal reading and writing across cultures.

Inma is also interested in communication in the performing arts, especifically in how these arts are documented and how expression occurs in the multiple interpretations during performances.

She has experience as a, Masters, PhD and EdD supervisor in both languages and the arts.

Current Research

At present Inma is involved in two research and scholarly projects:

  • The LEAP project with the British Council in Sub-Sahara Africa. Inma is currently working on the Monitoring and Evaluation of audio technology in primary schools in Nigeria.
  • The MAGICC project (Modularising Multilingual and Multicultural Academic Communication Competence for BA and MA level) with several European universities.

In the past few years she has participated in the followig international projects.

  • One-year project (2012) with the University of Surrey, Contexts, Culture and Creativity: Enriching E-Learning in Dance.
  • Three-year collaborative life-long learning European project (2011-2013), Performing Languages, on drama, language and intercultural learning.
  • Three-year collaborative project (2009-2011) on Emotion and moral value in art.
  • Three-year collaborative project (2006-2008) on The expression of subjectivity in the arts.


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