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Policy & Guidance

Equality Scheme

Protected characteristic

Gender identity is one of the protected characteristics in our Equality Scheme.

Equality Objective

The aim of Equality Objective 9 is to improve equality policy and guidance for staff and students, for which a key performance indicator is to improve policy and guidance for transgender staff and students. Equality Objectives are published in Appendix 1 to our Equality Scheme. Learn more 

Equality, Diversity and Widening Access and Success Strategy Action Plan

Actions in our Equality, Diversity and Widening Access and Success Action Plan set out our plans to achieve our equality objectives and widening access and success strategy priorities. Learn more 

Transgender Students Policy and Guidance

Our Transgender Students Policy and Guidance document applies to current and former students who inform the University that they have made, or intend to make, the transition to living full time in a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth. Learn more 

Recruitment Guidance

The University’s Effective Recruitment and Selection Guide for Selectors provides practical advice on fair, efficient and effective practice in the recruitment and selection of all categories of staff, in line with our equality and diversity policies. OU staff can view the guide on the Human Resources intranet site.