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Enhanced learning credits

For service personnel, OU modules can be wholly or partly financed by Enhanced Learning Credits. You can only claim once every MOD financial year. (Because this is not the same as the OU academic year, one claim may cover two consecutive courses).

Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) options:

  1. 100% resettlement (PF FE/HE or joint ELC & PF FE/HE)

    Takes care of up to 360 credits worth of OU module fees leading to your first recognised undergraduate qualification. (This can be either a BA or BSc ordinary or honours degree or a Foundation Degree).

  2. 80% ELC

    Funds most OU modules providing you pay at least 20% from your own resources.

Before submitting a claim to ELCAS you must deduct any OU discount for which you are eligible.

To determine your eligibility visit Enhanced Learning Credits Administration Services (ELCAS). Other funding avenues are explained at Fees and Funding.

If your chosen module includes a residential school, part of the fee to cover the integral residential school element of the module where you are attending a face to face version will not be covered by ELC funding. This is because they don’t fund accommodation and food costs. Students must apply for funding from the Single Service Sponsorship scheme to cover this. However, where a student is a new England student that has to pay an additional charge on top of the module fees, then the student will be eligible for the total module fee funding available for the module as the extra charge covers the accommodation and food costs. Standalone residential school modules are not eligible for funding.

Once an ELC claim has been approved by ELCAS, you will receive a Claim Authorisation Note (CAN). This must be sent to us with your registration agreement by the advertised Final Enrolment Date (FED). Please note if you have more than one module on your CAN, because we need to invoice the MOD within nine months of your first module starting, the University may contact you prior to the FED for registration on the subsequent modules. Please make sure that you send us a registration agreement to cover every module that appears on your CAN as we are unable to claim the ELC funding until you are registered on all of your chosen modules. Please note that change of payments from personal payment to ELC funding cannot be actioned unless given specific permission from the MOD, and you must attach that confirmation to your ELC Claim Authorisation Note.

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