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My life

Elizabeth Harkness

I'm 58 and I have had a very interesting life. I went to school and was kicked out, then got back in, then moved to another school.

On March 8th 1961, I went into Higham Hall, a medium sized institution - a school for girls with learning difficulties, in the Lake District. I left when I was 18 - argued my way out of Dovenby Hospital, which was a large residential institution and went home to my family. I was looked after by my grandparents and lived with all the family together.

Later on I went to a residential home with 30 other people 60 miles from home, so that I could move into a new home nearer home ... How complicated?! I had alcoholic people stealing my dinner and had my first experiences of day centres.

When I moved back to my home town I stayed in a residential home for a while before going south to get some independence training - more homes, more day centres! I moved back and had a series of homes where I was able to be more independent.

I'm now living in a supported living scheme, and I'm very happy there - now all I have to do is get back the inheritance, which has been stolen from me!

Let me tell you the story of my life!!!

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