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Using technology for communication

A visual example of using symbols to communicate

Marion Stanton

Communication is vital. If you can't communicate, you can't direct your support and stay in control of your life.

This presentation will look at how technology can be used to help understanding as well as choice-making and communication. It will look at the iPad as well as software and paper resources. Talking Mats, symbols and daily schedules will be included.

The presenter is Marion Stanton, who recently wrote "Can I Tell You About Cerebral Palsy?". She is mother of Dan, who has cerebral palsy and is 25 years old.

She can be contacted by:


View Marion's PowerPoint presentation (PPT)


Marion Stanton – I have just received my MA in History from The Open University. My job is to help people who have communication and/or learning difficulty to use technology to help them succeed. I am Dan Stanton's mother, from whom I have learnt more than from any qualifications. I also have another grown up son and daughter. I work in schools and other local organisations to help people to use communication aids, iPads and computers as well as low-tech aids.

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