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Activity 10 - Fighting for rights


To highlight what needs to change for people with learning disabilities to be equal citizens today.

Curriculum area(s)

  • Year 7 upwards
    • Tutor time
    • PHSE
    • English
    • Media
    • RE

Suitable for adults with learning disabilities?


Learning outcome(s)

Students familiar with concept of human rights. Students able to summarise and communicate major points of a campaign.

Time required

45 minutes



  1. Review with people what they have learnt about the rights of people with learning disabilities, with reference to the UN Convention.
  2. Agree on three of these rights which are denied to people with learning disabilities today.
  3. Students then work in pairs to draft a letter to their MP about what needs to change if these three rights are to become real for disabled people.

Ideas for follow up

Compose and illustrate a Facebook post on what needs to change for people with learning disabilities. Encourage people to find suitable web links to strengthen their case.

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