1. Having watched No Longer Shut Up and seen Paul's and Cian's views above, students should try to explain the concept of barriers that disabled people face. These are the attitudes, environments and organisation in society that diminish the lives of disabled people.
  2. In groups, get the class to make a list of barriers then and now for people with learning disabilities.

Ideas for follow up

  1. With a series of A5 cards, build a wall of barriers that disabled young people in your school or college may face. Think of people with learning disabilities, those with physical impairments, sensory impairments and people who may have mental health or emotional needs. Think of attitudes, the building and surroundings and the way things and learning are organised.
  2. As a further follow up, pick five differing barriers and, on a different colour, write the solution to the barrier card to improve things for disabled people at the school or college.

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