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  3. Activity 3b - Living in an institution: work machines

Activity 3b - Living in an institution: work machines


To be engaged with types of work in institutions; to be engaged with the repetitive and futile nature of the work.

Curriculum area(s)

  • Year 5 upwards
    • Drama

Suitable for adults with learning disabilities?


Learning outcome(s)

Students have engaged physically with the theme of work.

Time required

15 minutes



  1. Students work in small groups. They are asked to create a ‘machine’ where they all work in laundry or in the cobblers. They must create a conveyor belt or human production line you might find in a laundry or a cobbler’s. 
  2. Perform and share.

Ideas for follow up

  • The machine can become cyclical. You must keep the machine going for 4 minutes. 
  • Discussion around how people were given jobs to keep them occupied, not because they were needed.

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